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Flanges for Chevy, Buick, Olds, Corvette, Camero, Firebird, etc.

Fuchia colored part numbers are stainless steel.
Blue colored part numbers are linked to a photograph.

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 F100Buick 401192.00 pr 
 F101-3/8Buick V-6 (Late)148.00 pr 
 F102Buick 455117.00 pr 
 F125Buick-Olds V-6 (Early)117.00 pr 
 F125ABuick-Olds V-6 (Early)101.00 pr 
 F126-3/8Buick 350168.00 pr 
 F235-3/8Cadillac (Late 4 Port)192.00 pr 
 F300-3/8Chevrolet 265-400 (1 5/8" or 1 3/4" Round Port)168.00 pr 
 F300D-3/8Chevrolet 265-400 (1 5/8" or 1 3/4" Raised "D" Port)168.00 pr 
 F301-3/8Chevrolet 348-409168.00 pr 
 F303-3/8Chevrolet 265-400 (1 3/4" Square Port)168.00 pr 
 F307-3/8Chevrolet Brodix168.00 pr 
 F309-3/8Chevrolet 396-454 (2" Square Port)168.00 pr 
 F310-3/8Chevrolet 396-454 (2" Round Port)168.00 pr 
 F312-3/8Chevrolet 396-454 (2 1/8" Round Port)168.00 pr 
 F314-3/8Chevrolet 396-454 (2 1/4" Round Port)168.00 pr 
 F315-3/8Chevrolet 396-454 (2 1/2" Round Port)192.00 pr 
 F320-3/8Chevrolet Corvair (All 3 Port)231.00 pr 
 F325-3/8Chevrolet S-10 / 2.2L (4 cyl.)95.00 pr 
 F352-3/8Chevrolet V6 (Square Port)148.00 pr 
 F353-3/8Chevrolet V6 (Round Port)148.00 pr 
 F362Chevrolet/GMC 6.2 Diesel132.00 pr 
 F375Chevrolet Inner Flange 1 7/8" or 2"117.00 pr 
 F375A-3/8Chevrolet Outer Flange 1 7/8" or 2"216.00 pr 
 F380-3/8Chevrolet 5.3L-6.0L 1 7/8" - 2"168.00 pr 
 F801-3/8Oldsmobile 350-455168.00 pr 
 F915-3/8Pontiac 389-455168.00 pr 
 F916Pontiac Ram Air (2" Port)168.00 pr 
 F920-3/8Pontiac 3.1L (4 cyl.)184.00 ea 

 Flanges & part numbers are continually being updated. Please call for availability. 


Most flanges come3/8" thick. 1/4" Flanges are available upon request. All stainless steel flanges are 3/8" thick.
Click on image to view large photo in a new window. Right click on large photo to save.
110 1993-00 Chevy S-10 (2WD) 283-400cid
Chevy S-10 #110
172Y 1967-72 GM Pickups (2WD) 283-400cid
GM Pickup #172Y
175Y 1967-87 Camaro / Z-28 283-400cid
Camero #175Y
157 1955-57 Chevy Full Size 396-454cid
'57 Chevy #157
166 1965-72 Chevy Full Size 396-454cid
'65-72 Chevy #166

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