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New Hydro-fused®, metal-core gasket material seals hot gases in high-stress applications A new gasket material called EnCore™ HTX-900 lets us offer our customer's non-asbestos, Hydro-fused®, metal-core gaskets for dynamically and thermally stressed joints in assemblies with high-temperature gases. EnCore HTX-900 consists of two graphite-coated sheets of a heat-resistant fiber/NBR blend, chemically and mechanically fused to an expanded steel core. This combination offers excellent sealing performance and load retention as well as exceptional chemical resistance and structural strength. Graphite in color, EnCore HTX-900 exhibits clean-release characteristics upon joint disassembly. Since it is formulated principally to seal against hot gases, HTX-900 performs well in exhaust manifolds and collectors, EGR systems and other industrial, transportation and recreational applications that require high strength, thermal integrity and non-stick performance.

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 G125Buick 215 V-8 $46.00 pr 
 G125ABuick / Olds V-6 (early)$46.00 pr 
 G300-DChevy 283-400 "D" Port$46.00 pr 
 G303Chevy 283-400 Square Port $46.00 pr 
 G309Chevy 396-572 Square Port$46.00 pr 
 G362Chevy 6.2L-6.5L Diesel $46.00 pr 
 G380Chevy 4.8L-6.0L {LS1,2,4)$46.00 pr 
 G400Ford 292-312$46.00 pr 
 G409Ford 351 2V$46.00 pr 
 G410Ford 351 4V$46.00 pr 
 G415Ford 289-351 (standard & Dart bolt pattern)$46.00 pr 
 G415-DartFord 289-351 (standard & Dart bolt pattern)$46.00 pr 
 G427Ford 352-427 F.E. 2 1/8" raised port.$63.00 pr 
 G428Ford 352-427 F.E. Standard 1 3/4" port $63.00 pr 
 G429Ford 460 Cobra Jet$46.00 pr 
 G450Ford 429-460$46.00 pr 
 G450-IFord 460 {Fuel Injected}$46.00 pr 
 G469Ford 6.9L-7.3L Diesel$46.00 pr 
 G710Dodge/Chrysler 318 Poly$46.00 pr 
 G712Dodge/Chrysler 318-360$46.00 pr 
 G714Dodge/Chrysler 383-440$46.00 pr 
 G752Dodge/Chrysler 5.7L Hemi$46.00 pr 
 G754Dodge/Chrysler 6.1L Hemi$46.00 pr 
 G756Dodge/Chrysler 4.7L O.H.C.$46.00 pr 
 G504AMC 390-401 (dog leg port)$46.00 pr 
 G610INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 304-392$46.00 pr 
 G950SUZUKI SAMURAI 1.3L$23.00 pr 
 G970TOYOTA 20R-22R,22RE$23.00 pr 
 G980TOYOTA 4.7L V-8$46.00 pr 
 G10203" X 3 Bolt $8.00 ea. 
 G10252 1/2" X 3 bolt$8.00 ea. 
 G10323" X 2 bolt$8.00 ea. 
 G10353 1/2"" X 3 bolt$9.00 ea. 
 G10404" X 3 bolt$13.00 ea. 
 Gaskets & part numbers are continually being updated. Please call for availability. 

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302 1998-01 Daktoa/Durango (4WD) 4.7 OHC
Durango #302
361 1966-74 Charger & more 361-440cid
Charger #361
244Y 1965-76 Ford Pickups (4WD) 352-390cid
Ford PU #244Y
184Y 1990-95 GM Pickups (2 & 4WD) 350cid
GM PU 2WD, 4WD #184Y

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