Stan's Headers for Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth flanges

All prices are RAW (no coating) Chrome or Ceramic Coating is available at an additional cost

Headers for

Dodge, Durango, Dakota, Charger, Chrysler, Plymouth

high performance automotive and marine engines.

Fuchia colored part numbers are stainless steel.
Blue colored part numbers are linked to a photograph.

Made in USA
Proudly Made
in the USA
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 301Y-1470-87Vans & Mini Motorhomes318-3601,5,9734.00 
 30200-03Dakota/Durango & Ram (4WD)4.7 OHC1,5770.00 
 302-409SS00-03Dakota/Durango & Ram (4WD)4.7 OHC1,171209.00 
 305-1474-81Class A Motorhomes361-4401,5,9842.00 
 318Y-1-1461-71Dodge Pickups (2 & 4WD) With Power Take Off318 Poly5,9,13921.00 
 318Y-2-1461-71Pickups (2 & 4WD) Without Power Take Off318 Poly5,9,13921.00 
 324Y-1473-80Pickups (2 & 4WD)361-4401,5,9842.00 
 35703-07Dodge Ram Pick Up (2 & 4WD)(Except Dually)5.7L Hemi1,5,9769.00 
 361-1462-74Super Bee, Roadrunner, GTX, Satellite, Coronet361-4401,5,9735.00 
 361-1470-74Challenger / Cuda
(and all "B" & "E" Bodies)
 367-105-07Charger, Magnum, 300C5.7L Hemi1,3,5,9757.00 
 367-206-07Charger, Magnum, 300C6.1L Hemi1,3,5,9757.00 
 367-304SS05-07Charger, Magnum, 300C 304 Stainless****1,91,593.00 
 367-409SS05-07Charger, Magnum, 300C 409 Stainless****1,9,171,207.00 
 385-3/8AllBlock Hugger318-3601,4,9,513.00 
 399Y98-01Dakota/Durango (2 & 4WD) also Dodge Ram Full Size 96-025.9L1,5,9770.00 
Most headers come with 3/8" thick flanges.
1/4" flanges are available upon request
All stainless steel flanges are 3/8" thick.
Click on image to view large photo in a new window. Right click on large photo to save.
302 1998-01 Daktoa/Durango (4WD) 4.7 OHC
Durango #302
361 1966-74 Charger & more 361-440cid
Charger #361
244Y 1965-76 Ford Pickups (4WD) 352-390cid
Ford PU #244Y
184Y 1990-95 GM Pickups (2 & 4WD) 350cid
GM PU 2WD, 4WD #184Y

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